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Chaparral Runabout Boats

Full Throttle Excitement With Value and Versatility! Extended V-plane Difference, Efficient Fuel Economy, Feather soft ride, precise cornering agility, dry riding freeboard, full throttle excitement.

Chaparral Surf Boats

Surf Gate: Endless surf, endless fun, user friendly, cometition-level wake.

Volvo Forward Drive: A new propulsion system. Versatility, comfort, efficiency, flexibility, performance

Medallion Viper Surf Screen: the future of surfing control. High Resolution Touch Control Display with critical information like engine performance, feul level, and depth. Cruise control options and more.

Chaparral Jet Boats

Chaparral Jet Boats

Weekends Will Never Be The Same! Power, Handling, and Convenience. Across the board, Chaparral’s Vortex jet boats enjoy features and stats that will keep you out on the water having fun. Featuring quicker planing times, more midrange punch, and an awesome top end they are perfect for cruising the water or performance wakeboarding, surfing, skiing and tubing. Find out more below or click the button to see our current inventory.